Our Vision

As pioneers in the use of electronic medical records, the Care Connectivity Consortium founding members share a vision for Health Information Exchange that includes improved capabilities, easier adoption, and more value for all care providers and their patients.
WHITE PAPER 2014 - Overcoming Key Challenges in Health Information Exchange OCHIN Joins the CCC as Newest Member
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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop solutions that enhance the capabilities and performance of current HIE technologies; offer these solutions to the broader HIE community; and enable secure, reliable and effective sharing of data among disparate health record systems.
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Healtheway Collaboration

The CCC and Healtheway are working on research, development and deployment of enhanced services and standards. With strategically aligned objectives, our organizations are pursuing innovations to improve interoperability and the efficacy of HIE.
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CCC Services

The CCC is founded on the core principle of being a learning organization. In our Learning Lab, we are developing a set of core services, such as Patient Matching and Consent Management, which enhance the performance and value of HIE.
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HIMSS 2014

At HIMSS 2014 (2/24-2/26) in Orlando FL, the CCC and Healtheway offered more than 10 unique and informative presentations and demonstrations to showcase the highlights of our research and collaboration. See our speakers, and read our presentations to learn more about who we are and what we have been working on.
HIMSS 2014 Presentations and Demonstrations
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